Business in a box Solution

Flexible and scalable Managed IT Services

Technology 4 Good has recognized that investing in IT infrastructure can be costly for any growing business, therefore, it has developed a comprehensive “Business in a box” solution for small to medium businesses. Technology and digital innovation can be used to enable growth, increase competitive advantage and support market development for businesses which are the heart of the South African economy.

The comprehensive “Business in a box” packaged solution offers an IT solution that covers basic common office functions. For a monthly fee, get managed IT services, hardware and software solutions and more without a huge capex commitment, PLUS only pay for what you use.

Service Desk

During office hours and after-hours IT support


Access to all Microsoft Office applications with Office 365

Remote end user devices

LTE connectivity with remote support.


Get affordable and scalable virtual PBX functionality with voice over IP.

This cloud-based system is easy to set up, manage and offers predictable & pay-per-use costs.   

On site server

Set-up an on-site server for user authentication and Group Policy Management, which acts as collector for end user backups. 

Pay a fixed monthly premium for a server provided by T4G and financed by a finance institution. (Applicable to more than 25 users)

On-site end user devices

Choose from a selection of IT equipment, laptops and desktops

Pay a fixed monthly premium
(Provided by T4G and financed through a leasing agreement)

End user data security

A centrally managed data protection and security suite

Automated and secure backup and recovery, data loss prevention, encryption, remote wipe, geo location, archival and data migration for organizational information residing on desktops and notebooks.


Get a multifunctional device (financed through a leasing agreement with a fixed monthly premium) OR a Comprehensive Managed Print Services solution (with a fixed fee per page printed).

And much more…

Internet connectivity

A tailored bandwidth connection with monthly internet connection.

In-office connectivity

Office WiFi connectivity.

Server backup

Enabled to the cloud

Client Domain

Register a domain, secure your web hosting and develop a business website.

Find out more about our flexible solutions tailored to scale as your business needs change.